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The following PDF downloads may be of assistance to racers. CarSteen ControllersENG.pdf Carsteen profile switch (1).pdf CarSteen CS-4.pdf CS-Owners GuideENG.pdf c can motor specs.pdf com timing.pdf diode brakes.pdf carbon controller wiper.pdf refurb process.pdf wiring dead strips and power.pdf track wiring info.pdf BCD_Choke_Switch 2.pdf switch connections 2.pdf gear ratios.pdf AB OG12 - Pro Am Kit.pdf 2015 Falcon Sports Chassis.pdf Falcon Pro F1 2015.pdf power supply instructions.1.pdf AB Ultimate Flux.pdf chassis brite instructions.pdf activ8 H&S.pdf gear ratio chart.pdf 48 p D3 roll out.pdf 64p roll out chart.pdf 72p roll out chart.pdf

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How to use loctite for bearings and pinion fitting click the video STAINLESS STEEL FLUX DATA AND SAFETY SHEET  CLICK HERE Phosphoric Flux 75 per cent AIM (1).pdf