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Chassis and chassis parts

1/24th scale chassis

JK RTR Aeolos Chassis.  Pick the way you want it built!  Click the built chassis, The chassis comes built with Soldered brass pin tubes, Refaced, aligned oilite bushings, HR60 drill blank axle, guide, JK Tri-pin guide nut, silver plated guide clips, braids and Lead wires installed for just £39.90, chose your favourite gear ratio, choose your motor and we do the rest!

JK C43 aeolos chassis built




gear ratio 10/37 64p




gear ratio 11/37 64p




gear ratio 12/37 64p




gear ratio 12/37 64p




gear ratio 12/40 72p




gear ratio 12/42 72p




gear ratio 13/42 72p




Motor Choices;-

JK Hawk 7


JK Hawk 7 Double ballraced


JK Hawk 9


JK aeolos chassis only


JK aeolos T 40 thou chassis


JK aeolos J bar pack


JK shaker tube kit


JKguide tongue brace


AB ProAm 1/24 complete kit


JK aeolos body clips (pr)


PRO-AM 1/24th Kit.  AB G12 chassis complete with piano wire, pin tube, centre spine ferrules & complete instruction sheet.  Choice of gear ratios with 11 or 12 /37 in 64 pitch. HR60 drill blank axle, rear axle ballraces, guide, guide clips, braids, guide nut, lead wire, sticker front wheels, Koford Short pins, JK Hawk 7 BB motor. Body armour, JK Rear wheels  and JK  Lola body.  Only £75.05

Email us at for prices on other motor options

AB ProAm1/24 chassis only


AB Pan Control Gel tape


1/32 Scale Chassis

JK X32 chassis




JK Sidewinder bracket


AB 1/32 ProAm Sports Kit


AB 1/32 F1 ProAm kit


JK C92 sidewinder bracket. Drilled for FK motor mounting. May be used as a scratch build bracket for Scale or Drag racing and also adapted for use as a “bolt in bracket” for FK motors in angelwinder Production chassis. £2.90.

NEW ! A CS80, 1mm thick spring steel “Bolt In” , adjustable motor bracket for FK motors. Fits most chassis, just solder to the side of the motor box.  £3.10

AB FK sidewinder bracket


Midi Reversible brackets Now available in Spring Steel or brass. May be built for inline gear mesh (motor shaft to rear axle center) or offset to allow for a 1mm offset between motor shaft and rear axle centres. Available in spring steel or brass

Suitable for all FK type motors

1 mm spring steel  £3.65

0.035” Brass  £3.70

AB Midi reversible bracket steel


AB Midi reversible bracket brass


Micro Reversible brackets may be built for inline gear mesh (motor shaft to rear axle center) or offset to allow for a 1mm offset between motor shaft and rear axle centres.

Suitable for all “Micro motors” including beardog motor.  Standard micro bracket £3.40

XL Micro Bracket with longer side leg spacing for use with larger crown gears (2mm longer than the Std bracket) £3.60

AB Micro reversible bracket


AB Std Guide plate


JK F1 retro bracket


JK Std. retro bracket


JK offset retro bracket


JK Can-Am kit


JK front plate


Brass Retainer Collers

JK 3/32" id pack/12


JK 1/16" id pack/12


K&S Brass tube available in the following sizes, 12” lengths.

1/16” OD (0.032” id for pin tube) £2.90

3/32” OD (0.062” id for 16G wire) £3.10

1/8”   OD (3/32” id for 3/32” axles) £4.10

7/32” OD (for 3/16” x 3/32” bushings and ballraces) £4.40

K&S round tube 1/16"


K&S round tube 3/32"


K&S round tube 1/8"


K&S round tube 7/32"


K&S square tube.   Great for pin tubes. pivots and sliders when soldering to the edge or surface of brass plate.

1/16” (0.034 inside) for use with 0.032” wire & Pins £2.95

3/32” (0.063” inside) for use with 0.062” wire


K&S square tube 3/32"


K&S square tube 1/16"


Piano wire in nominal 12” lengths

Piano wire 0.032"


Piano wire 0.047"


Piano wire 0.055"


Piano wire 0.062"


1/32 Genesis Kit Complete


 A Quality Kit, complete which everything you need to build a great car. The kit comes with JK Hawk Retro or Hawk 7 BB motor, 11/37 gear ratio and polymer, reverse hub JK B tyres, rear axle bushings, HR60 drill blank rear axle, front wheel stickers, lead wire guide, guide nut and silver plated guide clips, braids, body mounting pins. £64.50


Koford short body pins


Mail: motor options for AB Pro-am kit

AA Pre made CNC machined rear brackets.

Total perfection!

 34mm wide

U Bracket in 0.046 brass, base plate in 0.030 brass.

Pre soldered fillets.

Great design features adjustable motor and axle height for perfect alignment.

AA rear bracket


AB guide plate 2




JK Guide Tongue Brace, Fits most pressed chassis with a coined guide plate

K&S square tube 1/8"


Piano wire1.5mm for F1 axles


AB Micro XL reversible bracket


Genesis kit with JK Hawk Retro


Genesis kit with JK Hawk 7


gear ratio 12/41 72p




JK Hawk 9 double ballraced