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JK tech block red


JK tech block blue


curved scissors


half round diamond file


hudy style wrench tip


2mm wrench tip


Great Quality CNC’d Corian tech blocks with or without magnet. Flat and Precise.

With Magnet £27.95

Without Magnet £24.30

Carlisle tech block with magnet


Carlisle teck block no magnet


wing stapler and staples


JK donut wizard


4/40 tap


#43 drill


AB Scalpel pack +5 blades


Fed up with bending the end of your cans when you try and remove the interference fit oilite or “sticky ballrace. Well no more! The AB can support tool is double ended so can be used with 5 mm or 6mm  flanged and unflanged bushes and bearings and supports the can all around the brushing hole to ensure the can doesn’t deform when you tap it out.  Use in cans with or without magnets (The tool is 0.500” in diameter so will fit all C can and smaller type can motors with magnet gaps of 0.500” plus).  £4.95

AB can support tool


pentel detail pen


A great , cost effective tip for cutting commutators. 6mm shank with replaceable / reversible carbide cutter. & Cutter wrench. Fits most Slot car Com lathes. Gives a great finish at a great price! £32.95

Com Cutter tool



For balancing wheels and gears. Reduce vibration and bearing wear, improve performance.

Will balance wheels up to 35mm diameter, complete with 3/32 ground axle  £39.95

Ground 2mm axle for above  £5.10

JK Static balancer


2mm balancer axle


body cutting jig


JK Tire rack


C Can blueprinting Tool Available in 5 degree advance (black) or standard timing (blue). £24.90

JK C can BP tool std timing


JK C can BP tool 5 degree


AB Craft knife pack


JK hawk motor screw wrench


JK pinion puller


JK Guide threader


AB Tire file double sided


JKwheel & 9mm nut wrench


AB Cross eave Slot Tape.  25 mtr roll on a small diameter core to fit into you slot box. Fibreglass cross weave provides great , flexible reinforcement for pin holes etc.

£3.00 per roll.

AB Slot Tape


Slick 7 bullet proofing


Self adhesive clear lexan Bullet Proofing for bodies from Slick 7.  1.00 per strip (approx 1/2” x 12” strip.

Spare Com Cutter tips (Each)


The most complete body pinning jig available! Suitable for everything from 1/32 scale saloon, F1 and sports to 1/24th Retro, production and Europort. Please purchase this great product direct from the manufacturers at

Cleave body mounting Jig black version


DTI gauge mm


DTI Gauge with 2 sizes of horizontal and vertical dovetail mounts. 0.01mm tolerance measurement

HRC Extra Long Wrench tip for wheels (12cm long) Flated on the blunt end,

XL wrench tip 12CM (4 3/4")