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The ultimate tire traction additive! Used by Champions! Super thin and does not hold the car back but provides great grip throughout the race. Just massage into tyres before the race. Suitable for Sponge and solid rubber scale tyres. £4.95

Koala Claws


Activ8 is a specially formulated thin lubricant to ensure low friction and low drag. A huge improvement on any other lubricant for oilite bushings and ballraces. Available in 15ml and 30 ml sizes in needle oilers or Bulk 125ml bottles. NOT SUITABLE for use with Scalextric type plastic hubs

activ8 15ml


activ8 30ml


activ8 125ml bulk



The pro racers Choice. Ideal for all slot related soldering jobs from scratch building to motor installation.   drip spout, safety cap bottle.  £3.25 and 250ml bulk bottles @ £12.25

AB Ultimate Flux


AB Ultimate Flux bulk



Custom blended for AB Slotsport,  Hyperflex, Black, Rubber toughened Cyanoacrylate adhesive is now back in stock. Great for bonding rubber to metal and a bunch of other applications where vibration may be an issue  + GREAT FOR HARDENING SPONGE RUBBER FRONTS!  £5.35

AB Hyperflex



In a handy 10ml bottle. Idea for gluing pinions for any class of car from production to retro and eurosport!

No solder, no mess!


Loctite 638


Slick 7 Voodoo.

Possibly the best braid juice around. £6.20



Koford Magnet glue.

A great adhesive for C can and strap mags. Cures at 180 C


AB Chassis Brite. Ideal for stopping corrosion/rusting on Spring steel chassis.

Fed up with rusting and corrosion on your chassis?

Chassis Bright is an advanced, Military grade, micro bonding, oil free, dry film, corrosion inhibitor and lubricant in an alcohol base.

Dries as a non oily, micro bonded, scuff resistant finish, keeping your chassis free of corrosion. Comes in a handy dropper bottle.

After building your chassis scrub to remove all traces of Flux and crud, then dry  and apply Chassis Brite sparingly  to clean steel

AB Chassis brite


Koford mag adhesive


Darkside arm Dye Purple


Darkside arm Dye Yellow



Koford Flux Brush