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Welcome to the new brushless page. This is under construction at this time and will feature

Information on products and in time will feature ready converted motors and a new range of

Chassis designed specifically for brushless racing.

Installing a board on the JK Aeolus chassis converted with the AB motor bracket The following is information Taken from own data compiled this last year, Mark Harrison, Steve Mutimer and Martin Ellis race together at  Bolton and so the data gathered is strong. Some really interesting data Download this chart as a Jpeg

Download this chart as a pdf

Publication1.jpg Publication1.pdf As a comment from testing at Raceway 81 we have found that the Westrock board has only imperceptible  delay on race start or track call Restarts.

Direction checker


DIRECTION CHECKER;- Ideal for checking rotation direction and gear mesh when installing brushless motors. Super compact and saves taking a cumbersome power supply to the track. Just add 4 x AA batteries and have a portable 6v supply for easily checking motor direction and gear mesh.  £5.80



The AB Brushless bracket is the ideal way to install a 1106 frame motor as a sidewinder.  Sidewinder installation is preferable to angle winder installation as in reduces abnormal trust pressure on the ballraces and ensures longer motor life and better performance.

The bracket is simple to trim with a dremel and cut off wheel. Just trim the bottom of the bracket to achieve alignment with the axle bearing (the bearing hole is slightly larger than a standard bearing at 5mm (this also allows for use when 2 x 5mm ballraces are used in rear axle installation. If using a conventional 3/32 bushing or ballrace trim the bottom of the bracket to allow a visible annulus around the bearing with the bracket located firmly over the inside of the chassis pillar block. Careful triming allows the bottom of the bracket to provide excellent support for the motor. Tin the faces of the back of the pillar block and then assemble and solder the bracket to to rear face of the pillar block and along the bottom of the bracket along the edge of the motor box.

The bracket does allow choices of gear ratio adjustment . In 64 pitch 10/35, 10/36, 10/37 or in 72 pitch 10, 11 or 12t pinions and 39-41 t spurs.

Alternative manners for mounting Esc’S

Mounting ESC,S with Velcro is a great way to attach the ESC to the chassis, especially if you intend to “swap out” the ESC to other cars. This is especially a good idea if using a double sided esc as it helps prevent losing components on the bottom of the board during swaps.

Available in 20mm wide x 6” nom lengths £1.00

A more permanent mounting solution, especially for singe sided ESC boards like the Westrock board is to use Acrylic Nano tape.

To ensure absolute anchorage to the chassis, solder a small section of thin rectangular Tin Plate to a convenient part of the chassis and apply the tape to that and then pop the esc on top.

Available in 19mm width and Nom. Lengths of 120mm @ £0.95

Both Methods insulate the board from the chassis ensuring protection against electrical shorting.

Brushless motor bracket


Velcro strip


Nano tape strip





A simple JK Aeolus chassis conversion using an AB conversion bracket, Emax 6000K motor and a Westrock ESC.

Mounting the board sideways just in front of the Bite bar makes the motor leads shorter and also provides a secure mounting for the board, (see detail in the photos above. In testing at R81 this car lapped at 3.01 second laps with a high downforce JK Peugeot open cockpit body. Gear ratio is 10/ 36.

AB Bracket used on a 1/32 ES Chassis