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SLOT REFURBISHMENT  Many slot car tracks are routed from MDF board which although an ideal material for simple construction can have long term problems with the slot “softening” over time in high pressure areas in the corners.  Raceway 81 developed a system for restoring this problem permanently. The use of fillers is not a good solution as it only sticks to the MDF substrate and over time will peel away. This system uses a 3mm wide silicon strip which is pushed into the slot after cleaning loose mdf and paint and then a water thin high strength epoxy is applied to the worn areas which soaks into the MDF creating a monolithic, super hard finish which can then be machined using a router to reinstate the braid bed, after the silicon strip is removed, Revealing a perfect 3mm wide slot.

Download the article be clicking here.

This system has been used successfully on tracks in the UK and Europe.


UHB TAPE 6mm x 30mtr min. 4 rolls


rub down stick


BRAID RUB DOWN STICK  The perfect answer for both laying braid and also rubbing down braid during maintenance. Unlike “braid rollers” with a centre reference these do not chip the slot edge. They are machined from hard wearing, industrial grade, black nylon and are 15mm wide, the perfect width for tracks using a 3mm slot and 6mm braid width. £6.25

3mm silicon strip 2mtr x 25mm


2 pack epoxy 500mm


2 pack epoxy 1ltr



Tested against the leading favourite guide flags available today and proven stronger, flatter and faster.  Precision moulded in Graphite polymer with contoured blade.

Available in -  cut down threaded (U67T) and Standard height threaded (U66T)

Just £2.30








Fed up with steamed up glasses when wearing a covid mask?  

Here is the Answer! Caloclear. Just spray on both sides of the lenses, allow to dry and wipe off excess !

MOLOTOW Liquid chrome pen. Great for detailing grills, lights etc. 1MM tip


Molotow Chrome Pen



Fast Finish Paint!

Specifically designed for Lexan Bodies. Guaranteed not to fall off and give great colours! Plain, Fluorescent, Pearl and Chrome.

Click the can to see the range.

AA Pre made CNC machined rear brackets.

Total perfection!

 34mm wide

U Bracket in 0.046 brass, base plate in 0.030 brass.

Pre soldered fillets.

Great design features adjustable motor and axle height for perfect alignment.

AA rear bracket



Featuring a great new wind, sintered Neo magnets, dynamically balanced & Com tied, this motor is probably the answer to fast, low cost, reliable club racing! Testing at R81 after a 100 lap track run in it gave consistent 3.4/3.5 second laps @ 13.2v on 12/42 ratio in an Aeolus chassis! 3000 laps later it still had 25% of its motor brushes! NOW ALSO AVAILABLE DOUBLE BALLRACED !

Try it!  What have you got to lose at £13.90 !!! ???

JK Hawk 9 Motor


JK Hawk 9 Double ballraced Motor


Lower cost Graphite version

UHB Tape is available to order (approx 7 days) This is specifically made for braiding slot tracks with copper braid & provides great adhesion. Price is £15.80 per roll of 30 mtrs,

Both Silicon strip and the epoxy are special order products and may take up to 10 working days prior to shipping.

Double Flanged abec 5 3/32” x 3/16” ballraces.

Clip fit into most “scalex” type chassis.

Fits 3/32” diameter axles.

Sold in pairs (2 x ballraces)  £5.00

Double flange Ballraces x 2



SCB Super thin Braid. The ultimate braid for use on smooth braided tracks. Super fine weave, great pick up, great quality. enhanced handling

Available in packs of 5 pairs or single pairs.

Pack of 5 pairs £7.00

Single pairs £1.40

SCB super thin braid 1pr


SCB super thin braid 5pr