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AB Power 10 amp power  supply


Possibly the best power supplies available for Slot Racers!

Available in 0-16V 10A and 0-16V 20A versions.

Features include;- Rugged Aluminium case,  compact design, advanced MCU electronics, adjustable volts and amps, adjustable in 0.01, 0.1 or 1 unit steps. Dual digital readouts for Volts and Amps. Output short circuit protection. Complete with power and low voltage cables.

Ultra light weight!  10 amp = 0.85KG

20 amp = 1.2KG

10 amp power supply £95.00

20 amp power supply £125.00

Why pay more!!!

See full specification. and instructions CLICK HERE

power supply instructions.1.pdf Please Note;- The 20 amp version is Special order

Digital Scale

1- 2000grm to 0.1grams

Stainless Steel weighing platform 100mm x 100mm

Takes 2 x AAA batteries.

Ideal for weighing cars and components. £14.95

Digital Scale


Digital Durometer measuring Shore A hardness. Ideal for selecting tyre donuts. As used by the Pro’s. Complete with foam lined box. £34.20

Digital Durometer


220 volt - 60 watt Soldering iron with ceramic heater element.  Compact size, Euro plug fitted.  £10.95

5.2mm  &3.2mm Chisel tips, suitable for above soldering irons.  6.4 OD and 4.05 mm ID.  £6.50

5.2mm tip


60 watt soldering iron


3.2mm tip


Tips for the above soldering iron

Tachometer comes complete with 3/32” bore wheel adaptor to attach to slot car axles + 2mm hub for attaching to motor shafts. A length of self adhesive indicator strip is also included so you can make your own adaptors for motor shafts along with an instruction sheet on how to get the most from this great tool to help with ultimate car set up!

The unit requires 3 x AAA batteries.

NEW Digital Laser Tachometer

Digital tachometer kit


Use to compare motor revs at given voltages.

Ideal for selecting sealed motors and ultimate car set-up.

Download instructions for the digital tacho here as a pdf tacho rev checker.pdf

Cutting Disk Pack

36 cutting discs for Dremel etc.


Cutting discs


Low cost Otoscope

Ideal for checking motor brushes on sealed motors. 6 X different size viewing nozzles.Takes 2 x AAA batteries




+  you can have a carry case to go with your power supply For just an extra £9.00  ! (This applies to UK orders only, Overseas orders are possible but  we will send you an additional Paypal request for £6.00 additional shipping)

power supply case


80 WATT, 220V SOLDERING IRON WITH ADJUSTABLE, DIGITAL TEMPERATURE (EURO PLUG FITTED)  Uses the same tips as our other iron)  £15.50

80watt temp adjust soldering iron


TL Solder


Solder. Sn60Pb40 2%flux core, Tin/Lead soft solder,  0.7mm dia. Nom. 100 gram roll.  Ideal for general chassis soldering and motor installation etc. £4.25

Dremel Mandrel


Dremel Mandrel.  1/8” shaft.  £1.20 each

XL Dremel Mandrel

3mm shaft, 6mm threaded screw. £1.95

XL Dremel Mandrel