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SLOT REFURBISHMENT  Many slot car tracks are routed from MDF board which although an ideal material for simple construction can have long term problems with the slot “softening” over time in high pressure areas in the corners.  Raceway 81 developed a system for restoring this problem permanently. The use of fillers is not a good solution as it only sticks to the MDF substrate and over time will peel away. This system uses a 3mm wide silicon strip which is pushed into the slot after cleaning loose mdf and paint and then a water thin high strength epoxy is applied to the worn areas which soaks into the MDF creating a monolithic, super hard finish which can then be machined using a router to reinstate the braid bed, after the silicon strip is removed, Revealing a perfect 3mm wide slot.

Download the article be clicking here.

This system has been used successfully on tracks in the UK and Europe.


BRAID RUB DOWN STICK  The perfect answer for both laying braid and also rubbing down braid during maintenance. Unlike “braid rollers” with a centre reference these do not chip the slot edge. They are machined from hard wearing, industrial grade, black nylon and are 15mm wide, the perfect width for tracks using a 3mm slot and 6mm braid width. £6.25

Rub down stick


3mm Silicon strip 2mtr


White Silicon Rubber Strip 3mm x 25mm

In 2 Mtr lengths/

2 pack epoxy 500 Ml


2 pack epoxy 1 Ltr


Ultra low viscosity 2 pack epoxy resin. This material is usually applied using 20 Ml or 50 Ml medical syringes. It has a long pot life of 30 - 90 minutes )allowing for careful application. Cure time to hard is 24-48 hours. Mix ratio is 2:1

It cures rock hard and may be machined using conventional router cutters to restore the correct, super smooth, braid bed to the correct depth.


Use for sticking braid to the braid bed. Please note;- it is essential to apply this to a dry painted surface, not bare MDF!  Minimum quantity is 4 rolls.

UHB Tape 6mm x 30mtr


refurb process.pdf

TRACK BRAID;-  We also supply track braid. This is available in High quality Tinned copper or also Tinned Magnatex braid which has a steel core, allowing magnatraction. Prices at present fluctuate due to currency fluctuations. Please email us at for prices. Copper braid is available in 1000ft spools, Magnatex braid is available in 500 ft and 1000 ft spools.

Track braid is special order and may take up to 3 weeks for delivery.

Braid lifting tip;-  To help prevent damage to the braid bed and especially if you intend to relay the braid you are lifting, it is an idea to use a hair dryer or heat gun on medium setting to warm the braid and adhesive (especially if you have laid it using UHB tape). This will soften the adhesive and allow you to lift the braid more easily. You can also use a soldering iron for this just by running it along the braid. Generally with most adhesives, these can be cleaned from the braid prior to re-laying by soaking in Naphtha.