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JK C70 Funny car chassis


JK CNC Drag wheels 3/32” axle

JKR3X6AE drag


JKR3X9AE drag


JKR3X15AE drag


0.670” dia x 9mm wide 0.670” dia x 6mm wide 0.670” dia x 15mm wide TYRE DONUTS

Natural Fish Rubber - Ultimate grip ! ID 0.375” x OD 1.125”

DSXL drag


JK T302A0 W-B wheels


JK Wheelie Bar Wheels

1/16” bore  £2.50 /pair


Excellent quailty stainless pinions suitable for all classes of racing available in the following 64p,  2mm bore sizes;-

ARP pinion 8t, 64p


JK pinion 11t, 64p


ARP pinion 13t, 64p


ARP pinion 14t, 64p


ARP pinion 10t, 64p


JK pinion 10t, 64p


JK pinion 12t, 64p


ARP pinion 7t, 64p


ARP pinion 12t, 64p


Sonic pinion 9t, 64p


64 pitch Drag Gears Sonic Drag Crowns and Spurs

Sonic brings true high-performance to inline drag slot car racing. Straight, true and having a proper tooth shape, these gears are compatible with all standard 64 pitch pinions. The lightweight aircraft aluminum alloy we use in Sonic drag gears will increase  acceleration, lower your ET and boost your top end performance.


Sonic 46T drag Crown


Spur Gears

Sonic 52T drag spur


Sonic 48T drag Crown


Sonic 50T drag Crown


Sonic 50T drag Crown


Lightened Spur Gear

If you need ultra-light, we manufacture Tri-Light gears by taking our regular gear and then “adding lightness”. Other manufacturers lighten their gears by merely drilling them, while Tri-Lights are drilled in a 3-spoke pattern to make them lighter without compromising strength.

Sonic 48T drag spur tri-light


Drag Race Motors

PROSLOT PS-2001  S16 D Motor

Chinese armature Balanced motor,


PROSLOT PS-2110  S16 D Motor

American made Proslot  armature, 0.560” diameter balanced armature, 42 degree timing, Blueprinted set up.,

The Horsepower S16D!  £57.50

JK Products Hawk 6 Motor (JKM6)

Balanced armature, Neo Magnets

Great horspower for a smaller, lighter motor size at a great price!


Proslot PS-2001 S16D


Proslot 42deg 560 BP S16d


JK Hawk 6 (M6) motor


Anodised CNC Alloy Drag Wheels

Stunning anodised drag wheels. Fronts are 1/16” bore, Rears are 3/32” bore

Drag FB


Drag RB


Drag GB


Drag SB


Drag FG


Drag FS


JK C92 Sidewinder bracket

JK C92 sidewinder bracket. Drilled for FK motor mounting. May be used as a scratch build bracket for Scale or Drag racing and also adapted for use as a “bolt in bracket” for FK motors in angelwinder Production chassis. £2.90.

JK C92 sidewinder bracket


FK Motor Adaptor Ring

Use to adapt FK motors to fit a Mabuchi S can motor bracket. Useful for 1/32 Drag cars based on FK plastic chassis £0.50 ea

FK adaptor


Pheonix FK motor.

With poly neo magnets and 40t/29g armature

This motor is not legal for any UK race classes.


Pheonix motor