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ARP 48p 2mm bore angled pinions.

Ideal mesh for inline retro racing.

ARP pinion 6t, 48p


ARP pinion 11t, 72p


1/24th Scale RETRO Locknut  3/32” Front axles for both

Saloon & Can-Am , Tottenham, Retro sports & Formula one .

Precision made Chrome steel and threaded M2.5 complete with locknuts. NO MORE soldering on wheel retainers and also super quick change front wheels.

Precision made in the UK

Available in 79mm and 82 mm versions at just £5.70 each complete with locknuts!

Also 5mm socket wrench for axle nuts £3.95

AB Locknut Axle 79mm


AB Locknut Axle 82mm


5mm socket wrench


Saloon & Can-Am axle F1 , Tottenham & Retro Sports JK Spur Gears 64 pitch

JK 64p 35t spur 3/32" axle


JK 64p 36t spur 3/32 axle


JK 64p 37t spur 3/32 axle


JK 64p 37t spur 2mm axle


JK 64p 38t spur 2mm axle


JK Thin Falcon Gears

Designed for Falcon / FK motor racing. Lighter & Ultra thin profile for less friction. Available in 36t & 37T 64 pitch  for 3/32” axle

JK Falcon 37t spur


JK Falcon 36t spur



Koford 28t crown gear


AB Slotsport HR60 Ultimate Drill Blank axles.

Uber hard, perfectly straight and dimensioned. Custom made for us by a leading drill and tool manufacturer in the UK.

Std. 3/32” x 55mm          £2.85

Ex Long 3/32” x 75mm  £3.902mm x 60mm                  £3.65

AB XL Axle 3/32" x 75mm


2mm x 60mm axle


AB Std Axle 3/32" x 55mm


Thin Wall 304 Stainless Steel Pin Tube, 0.050” OD, 0.034” ID, perfect for Koford short pins. Nominal lengths of 3 1/2”.

£1.50 per length or packs of 10 for £12.50

SS Pin tube x 1


SS Pin tube x 10


4/40 thread x 5/16 thread length, countersink, socket head screws in stainless steel.

Ideal for scratch builders mounting hard bodies.  £1.50 pr 10

Slick 7 Stainless steel

Axle spacers, 3/32” bore, 0.024” thick or 0.005” thick, take your pick! Pack of 10. £2.80

S7 0.024" SS spacers


SLICK 7 10 thou thick self adhesive lexan body armour approx.

12” x 0.5” length.  £1.00 per length.

Body Armour


AB Self adhesive Lead Ballast

Super sticky, 0.75mm thick x  12mm wide. Nominal roll weight 45 gram  Price £2.30

AB Lead ballast


JK Products

Slightly Stiffer Braid

5 Pairs £3.50

10 pairs£6.75

20 pairs£13.00

JK SS braid x 5pr


JK SS braid x 10pr


JK SS braid x 20pr


Teflon Guide spacers 0.005"


Teflon Guide spacers 0.015"


TEFLON GUIDE SPACERS Bronze “Adjusta” Bushings

Machined bronze Bushings for 3/32” axle with reduced outside diameter, allowing adjustment of ride height without grinding pillar blocks / axle supports.  £3.65 per pair


@ £3.65

3/32" bore adjusta bushings /pr


AB Interior sheet


1/32 & 1/24 Scale Interior sheets

1/32 & 1/24th scale

Saloon interior sheets, printed on ultra thin “oil proof” Drafting film. No more ripped interiors!  Easy to clean and super light.  £3.50 per sheet

Koford 10thou Bronze Guide Spacers

Koford Guide Spacers


Guide Nut (LW)


9mm low profile

Brass guide nut

£ 2.10

JK Std Guide Flag


JK Cut down guide



Quality, Stainless steel,  Abec 5 grade motor ballraces,

Available in the following configurations;-

5mm x 2mm x 1.6mm w, open, plain   £5.80

5mm x 2mm x 1.8mm w, open , Flanged £5.80

5mm x 2mm x 2.5mm w, Closed, flanged  £5.80

6mm x 2mm x 2.97mm w, closed, flanged - £5.50

2mm x 5mm, open plain


2mm x 6mm closed, flanged


Standard Oilite Bushings  3/32” axle x 3/16” £1.90 per pair

Oilite axle bushings 3/32" /pr


2mm x 5mm closed, flanged


3/32” Axle ballraces, Abec 5, flanged and shielded stainless steel.  £8.50 per pair (2 ballraces)

JK Pre cut brass pin tubes,

pack of 24  £7.25

jk pin tubes 24


Great Quality Silver plated Copper Guide Clips.

Pack of 10 pairs £9.95

Pack of 5 pairs £5.20

JK Silver Guide Clips (pk10pr)


S7 0.005" SS spacers


All NEW  JK Tri pin Guide Nut Wrench and Guide Nuts!

No more slipping hexagons! The Tri Pin wrench makes for easier, secure location and precision tightening. Super light, anodised guide nuts  are designed with a recessed centre on the underside and anodised to reduce friction and ensure a perfect seating.

JK Tri pin guide nut wrench


Tri Pin Guide Nuts Blue (6/pk)


ARP pinion 10t, 72p


ARP pinion 8t, 72p


ARP pinion 9t, 72p


JK 48 Pitch straight pinions

JK pinion 7t, 48p


JK pinion 8t, 48p


JK pinion 9t, 48p


Koford - pack of short body pins  

Koford short pins


ARP pinion 7t, 48p


ARP pinion 8t, 48p



Excellent quailty stainless pinions suitable for all classes of racing available in the following 64p an 72p 2mm bore sizes;-

ARP pinion 8t, 64p


JK pinion 11t, 64p


ARP pinion 13t, 64p


ARP pinion 14t 64p


ARP pinion 11t, 64p


JK pinion 10t, 64p


JK pinion 12t, 64p


ARP pinion 7t, 64p


ARP pinion 12t, 64p


Sonic pinion 9t, 64p


Cahoza 16 degree Angled & Straight Spur Gears

Cahoza 40t 72p. straight


ARP 7t 72p


ARP pinion 12t, 72p


ARP pinion 13t, 72p


JK UberFlex Lead Wire 18 AWG - 444 strand high purity copper with silicone insulation (clear so you can more easily notice and breaks) 10 ft or 50ft. Idea for all race classes.

JK Uberflex leadwire 10ft


JK Uberflex leadwire 50ft


Its Back!!  AB Slot Tape

Cross weave filament tape, the perfect answer to reinforcing pin holes!

Now In a “handy “Slot Box” size roll, approx 65mm dia, 12mm wide. 25mtr. Long  £3.00 per roll

AB Slot Tape


SONIC 48pitch Straight Pinions

Sonic 7t 48p pinion


Sonic 8t 48p pinion


JK Silver Guide Clips (pk 5 pr)


Cahoza 37t 64p. 16deg.


Cahoza 42t 72p. 16deg.


Cahoza 43t 72p. 16deg.


The TSRF Wood track Guide flag, 1/8” post and accepts conventional braids. A great guide flag for when minimum space is available at the front of the car.  £2.60 sorry- out of stock

TSRF Guide flag


JK Falcon 34t spur


2mm bore adjusta bushings /pr


Cahoza 37t 64p.straight


Cahoza 41t 72p. 15 degree


Cahoza 42t 72p. 2 deg.


Cahoza 35t 64p straight


2mm x 5mm, open flanged


3/32” Axle Ballraces

JK Falcon 35t spur


Red Fox 27t 48p


Red Fox 28t 48p


RED FOX 48P Crown gears 3/32” axle

Red Fox 29t 48p


New product!!!

JK Pro Guide Clips

Cut down design in Silver plated Copper for easy soldering. Available in Packs of  5, or 10 pairs

JK Pro Silver Guide Clips (pk 5 pr)


JK Pro Silver Guide Clips (pk10pr)


JK Lane Stickers (100)


ARP phenolic shields (pk 4)


JK Lane Stickers (bulk pack (100 sheets


ARP Phenolic shields, 3/32” ID, Ideal for locating the back surface of Retro Front wheels giving a low friction, low wear surface for the wheel. (Pk 4) £1.00

Pack of 25 x 4/40 grub screws  £5.20

25 x 4/40 grub screws


S7 2mm x 0.030" spacers


S& 2mm x 0.005" spacers


Cutting Disk Pack

36 cutting discs for Dremel etc.


Cutting discs



After testing by leading racers, AB Slotsport is pleased to announce the JK Eurosport Tri-Pin guide nut. It fits the original, great Tri-Pin wrench, but while maintaining the original features , including the underside annulus and reduced height, along with a 45 degree taper it allows eurosport and OG12 racers using chisel nose shells to utilise this great product.

These nuts have the lowest profile of any guide nut on the market combined with totally positive location using the Tri pin wrench, No slipping over worn hexagons on wrenches and 100% of visibility of the entire nut when locating on the guide flag to ensure the nut tightens down square.  Perfect, positive 3 pin location in the nut also ensures very precise and simple adjustment to ensure perfect set up and performance.


JK Tri Pin Wrench


6 x JK Euro Tri pin nuts


JK Tri Pin wrench & 6 Euro nuts




In stainless steel  £2.50 /10

lead wire retainers 10


4/40 c/s screws x 10


30t, 72 pitch crown gear for 1/32 scale F1.  3/32 axle


72pitch 30t F1 gear




Precision axle spacers from Sonic. Anodised Aluminium. 3/32” bore x 0.060” wide.  A tight fit stops rattle!

Price £5.20 / PK of 10

3/32" x 3/16 ballraces (2)


ARP pinion 9t, 64p


ATTAN 72Pitch Spur Gear

Great Quality Attan 72 pitch 42T angled 15 degree spur gears £5.50

attan 72p 42t spur


AB BSCRA LEGAL 13mm precut sticker fronts.

Light weight 80 GSM, full colour, Self adhesive, lacquer finished. 3 sheets of 4 pairs. £1.50

AB fronts (12pr)