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The following items are available at discount prices, but only while stock lasts!

Get ‘em while you can!

1/32 scale Opel Astra kits from Revell.

Ideal for building 1/32 hard body cars.

Body is prepainted


2 only in stock

Revell astra kit CL


JK X25 Chassis  New in packet.

£12.50 each 3 only left on stock

JK X25 chassis


jk corvette


JK Corvette, 7 thou clear, no masks £3.00 (4 only)

1/32 scale AB Subaru, 7 thou clear, no masks

£2.50  (5 only)



TWP BENTELY 1/24TH scale, no masks £2.50 (4 only)

TWP Bentley


½ Kilo rolls of Lead/tin solder (Loctite brand) 1.2mm dia. Wire.  £15.00 per roll (normal retail £28.00 + !)

2 only left on stock

Loctite Solder