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JK Hawk Retro Motor  (same wind spec as Falcon 7) but harder motor brushes for longer life.

THE Motor for B.S.C.R.A F2

JK Hawk 7  Motor

JK Hawk Retro


JK Hawk 7 Motor


JK Hawk 25 motor.  25K revs and Neo Magnets. Excellent brakes, excellent torque, long lasting. Ideal for House / Rental cars.

JK Hawk 25 motor


JK Hawk 6 Motor, 48,000 rpm

Neo Magnets, Great torque and brakes.  £16.70

Great for scale racing!

New From JK!

The JK Mini Brute Motor

(Approx 40K revs)


JK Mini Brute



This Ultra-Miniature motor is ideal for modellers wishing to build period Formula cars while retaining full driver detail. Mounting is by 2 x TSRF type screws. Specifications;-

Overall length (Inc. Shaft) 28.50mm, Shaft Dia. 1.5mm. Shaft length 5.85mm. O/A width 15.5mm, O/A height 12.00mm. Length (Can/endbell) 18.7mm.

Free Revs @ 12v - 24,300 rpm. Price £5.50



1.5mm x 2mm shaft adaptors are back !

Precision 1.5mm x 2mm tube in 304 stainless steel. Nominal lengths of 50mm enable you to cut the length you require. Suitable for solder on or loctite fitting. Perfect for bushing up motor shafts from 1.5 to 2mm   £2.20 each

1.5 -  2mm adaptor


2mm x 3mm Socket Head Cap Screws

2mm thread x 3mm Socket head cap screws in stainless steel. Suitable for Falcon , Hawk and all FK type motor mounts. £1.50 pr 10

2mm x 3mm cap screws


2mm thread x 3mm Button, Socket head screws in stainless steel. Suitable for Falcon , Hawk and all FK type motor mounts. £2.80 pr 10

2mm x 3mm button head screws


Koford Big Foot 2 motor brushes.

£3.00 per pair

Koford BF2 brushes


FK Motor legality;-  BSCRA -  Genesis Production Sports - Falcon 7 motor only.

                                  The Falcon 7 will now be replaced by the JK Hawk Retro Motor.

                                  BSCRA - Formula 2 F1 - Falcon 7 and JK Hawk 7 motors only.

                                  UKRRA - FK retro classes - Falcon 7, JK Hawk 7, JK Hawk Retro

                                  Pro-Am Cup - Falcon 7, JK Hawk 7, JK Hawk Retro.

                                  Note:- Falcon 7 motors are no longer produced. You may find some at various                                   stockists but these are now a discontinued product as of March 2017.

JK Hawk 6


Koford 500 mags M604


Koford .500” long, Matched magnets, 0.150” thick. New Stronger orientation.

Suitable for UKRRA Tottenham and Retro Sports Motors. £15.05

Replacement tire truer motor £13.95

Truer Motor


Proslot C can endbell assembled £15.90

PS EB assembled


Braided Shunt Wire £0.95 /1ft.

Shunt Wire


Camen 5 coil Springs £4.80 /pr

Camen Light springs


Motor storage pots with screw top

Ideal for storing C and D can motors.

£3.50 per pack of 5

Motor pots (pk of 5)



Radial Orientation Drag Magnets

0.500 long, Legal for Tottenham / retro Sports racing £30.10

Koford 500 radial mags M592


Camen Regular springs


Camen heavy springs






Drag Race Motors

PROSLOT PS-2001  S16 D Motor

Chinese armature Balanced motor,


PROSLOT PS-2110  S16 D Motor

Anerican made Proslot  armature, 0.560” diameter balanced armature, 42 degree timing, Blueprinted set up.,

The Horsepower S16D!  £57.50

JK Products Hawk 7 Motor (JKM6)

Balanced armature, Neo Magnets

Great horspower for a smaller, lighter motor size at a great price!


Proslot PS-2001 S16D


Proslot 42deg 560 BP S16d


JK Hawk 7 (M6) motor


Proslot “Infinity”  Hand Wound, Retro sports/ Tottenham armatures for C Can, 0.500” diameter 30/26, 25/25  £48.85  Limited Quantity Only!


SMQ Magnets  0.500” Long     £13.20

Mega 3 Magnets 0.450” long (not legal for retro) £12.95

Proslot SMQ Magents


Proslot Mega 3 magnets


The New Motor for B.S.C.R.A  INTRO 32 Production Class GET THE MOST FROM YOUR FK MOTOR! CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE PDF FILE running in FK motors.pdf

Koford 0.510" 44 degree G20 arm


Ideal for racing on the shorter tracks!  Koford G20, 0.510” diameter stack, 44 degree timing armatures


Tottenham and Retro Sport Armatures PROSLOT G12 46 degree timed hand wound armatures Now available in full motor kits Or as built motors, with choice Of magnets

Proslot  G12 armature,

46 deg timing, hand wound


Proslot h/w 46deg G12 arm


Proslot G12  Motor kit includes

Proslot 46 degree armature

Proslot square hole motor can

Proslot complete endbell with copper hardware

Endbell screws

Can ballrace

Shunt wire and insulation

Big foot Koford motor brushes

Choice of Proslot mega 3 or SMQ magnets.

Price 89.00 kit price

 Fully built and run in motor price £95.10

Proslot kit with SMQ magnets


Proslot kit with Mega 3 magnets


Proslot motor build


optional endbell ballrace


PROSLOT 16D and S16D Armatures

For those guys still racing 16d and S16D and having problems finding spare armatures for Parma motors etc.

These Proslot armatures are Chinese wound (as Parma) and also com trued and balanced. They will fit either Proslot of Parma set-ups

Price  £11.95

Proslot 16D armature


Proslot S16D armature



A small batch of round hole MURA cans, Refurbished and finished in heat proof black wrinkle finish. The can end and also a strip along the base of the rear of the can is tinned.  £12.50

Mura 2 hole C can


Replacement endbell for  JKHawk 6

Motor £7.10

JK Hawk 6 endbell M3E


Original JK Hawk 6 endbell.

This enbell fits JK Hawk 6 and Proslot Euro motor. It will also convert these motors for use in Mabuchi S motor brackets. £4.95

JK Hawk 6 endbell M3EO


Proslot 4002 Euro Motor , 47K rpm


Proslot 4002 motor


FK Motor Adaptor Ring

Use to adapt FK motors to fit a Mabuchi S can motor bracket. Useful for 1/32 Drag cars based on FK plastic chassis £0.50 ea

FK adaptor