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Recent changes to the Prohibited list of goods which may be posted internationally from the UK have been published. We are no longer able to send a number of products by the postal service. Please Click here to view the entire list, most of which does not apply to slot racing. We will advise clients of any products which may fall into the catagories mentioned in this document.


Due to Current Currency fluctuations, some prices may vary from the published for newly imported products. We apologise for this but this is out of our control.

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Non UK Postage Surcharge


This Ultra-Miniature motor is ideal for modellers wishing to build period Formula cars while retaining full driver detail. Mounting is by 2 x TSRF type screws. Specifications;-

Overall length (Inc. Shaft) 28.50mm, Shaft Dia. 1.5mm. Shaft length 5.85mm. O/A width 15.5mm, O/A height 12.00mm. Length (Can/endbell) 18.7mm.

Free Revs @ 12v - 24,300 rpm. Price £5.50


JK Hawk Retro Motor  (same wind spec as Falcon 7) but harder motor brushes for longer life.

JK Hawk 25 motor.  25K revs and Neo Magnets. Excellent brakes, excellent torque, long lasting. Ideal for House / Rental cars.

JK Hawk 25 motor


JK Hawk 6 Motor, 48,000 rpm

Neo Magnets, Great torque and brakes.

JK Hawk 6


Legal for B.S.C.R.A F2 in 2016

Tachometer comes complete with battery and 3/32” bore wheel adaptor to attach to slot car axles + 2mm hub for attaching to motor shafts. A length of self adhesive indicator strip is also included so you can make your own adaptors for motor shafts along with an instruction sheet on how to get the most from this great tool to help with ultimate car set up!


This page was last updated 21.02.2107  13.17 Digital Laser Tachometer CLICK HERE FOR QUICK BUY BODIES! page38

Falcon 7 motor. BSCRA approved

Falcon 7 Motor




JK X32

Chassis  £20.25

JK X32 chassis


AB F1 Kit (NBP)


Micro Reversible bracket may be built for inline gear mesh (motor shaft to rear axle center) or offset to allow for a 1mm offset between motor shaft and rear axle centres.

Suitable for all “Micro motors” including beardog motor.  £3.40

Micro steel bracket


Beardog Chassis are back!

Beardog 2 £25.80  

Beardog 3

Beardog 2 kit


Beardog 3 kit


JK Formula One Retro motor bracket for FK Motors (offset axle)  £4.95

JK F1 Bracket


JK Offset Motor Bracket For FK motors £4.95

JK O/S Bracket


guide plate


Guide Plate 2


AB 1/32 Formula One kit. Available (less brass pans, but they are easy to cut from 1/16 brass plate using the steel pans as a template)

Special price £26.00

Get this race winning chassis before they run out !!

The Dominating Chassis in F2! Win in Pro-Am Round 1 & 2 Get Ready for the  Best Low cost Race Series in 2017! TOOLS Replacement Wrench tips

Available in 2 shaft sizes, 2mm or Hudy type.  

Wrench tip 2mm shaft


Wrench tip (Hudy type)


Now in stock and shipping! Adhesives & Liquids,  Tire Treatments, Flux & Lubricants KOALA CLAWS NOW AVAILABLE!

Tested and used by Champions, Koala Claws is a new type of tire traction additive for sponge and most “scale” rubber tyres which gives great grip without “bogging” the car and also lasts far longer as it soaks into the tyre. £4.95

Koala Claws


The ULTIMATE TYRE TRACTION TREATMENT ! AB Slotsport Ultimate Flux The choice of champions!

AB Ultimate flux



Now available in Bulk 250 ml bottles.

The Pro chassis builders choice used by chassis builders worldwide.

Perfect for scratch building and assembling spring steel and brass/wire chassis.

AB Ultimate flux Bulk 250ml


Recognised by leading racers as the very best lubricant / friction reducer available today!

Low viscosity and superb friction reduction =

Less bearing / bushing wear, better performance through lack of friction, lower cost through limiting wear on bearings and bushings.

Once used, never substituted!

Now available in 3 sizes;-

15ml oiler bottle @ £3.95

30ml oiler bottle @ £5.95

Bulk 125ml bottle @£18.50

Activ8 15 ml


Activ8 30 ml


Activ8 Bulk 125 ml


TL Solder


AB Body Cutting Jig.

Cut straight line down the side of your lexan shells every time!  £5.95

(Colour may vary)

AB Body cut jig


FK Motor legality;-  BSCRA -  Genesis Production Sports - Falcon 7 motor only.

                                  BSCRA - Formula 2 F1 - Falcon 7 and JK Hawk 7 motors only.

                                  UKRRA - FK retro classes - Falcon 7, JK Hawk 7, JK Hawk Retro

                                  Pro-Am Cup - Falcon 7, JK Hawk 7, JK Hawk Retro.

Get a whole range Of Slot Car Parts With just a couple of clicks!

5.2mm  &3.2mm Chisel tips, suitable for above soldering irons.  4.2mm I.d. , 6.6mm o.d.  £6.50

5.2mm tip


2mm x 3mm Socket Head Cap Screws

2mm thread x 3mm Socket head cap screws in stainless steel. Suitable for Falcon , Hawk and all FK type motor mounts. £1.50 pr 10

4/40 thread x 5/16 thread length, countersink, socket head screws in stainless steel.

Ideal for scratch builders mounting hard bodies.  £1.50 pr 10

4/40 tap   (for wheels, gears etc.)


Also available #43 drill (tapping size for 4/40 tap) £1.80

4/40 tap


#43 drill


0/80 tap (for endbells etc) £6.30

0/80 tap


Click here to find  the stock range Of Clear Lexan Bodies and Prepaints On our Quick Buy Body page page38 GEARS, AXLES AND SMALL PARTS Pinions

Excellent quailty stainless pinions suitable for all classes of racing available in the following 64p an 72p 2mm bore sizes;-

ARP pinion 7t, 64p


JK pinion 11t, 64p


ARP pinion 12t, 64p


ARP pinion 13t, 64p


ARP pinion 14t, 64p


48 pitch Parma Crown gears, 3/32” bore sleeve for 3/32” axle. Ideal for inline retro racing (will run offset with ARP angled pinions with a good mesh) available in the following sizes:

Parma 26t 48p


Parma 27t 48p


Parma 28t 48p


AB Slotsport HR60 Drill Blank axles.

Uber hard, perfectly straight

Std. 3/32” x 55mm          £2.55

Ex Long 3/32” x 3 1/4”  £3.60

2mm x 70mm                  £3.65

AB XL Axle 3/32" x 3 1/4"


2mm x 70mm axle



Koford - pack of short body pins  

Koford short pins


JK Spur Gears 64 pitch

JK 64p 35t spur 3/32" axle


JK 64p 36t spur 3/32 axle


JK 64p 37t spur 3/32 axle


Slick 7 Stainless steel

Axle spacers, 3/32” bore, 0.024” thick or 0.005” thick, take your pick!

Pack of 10. £2.80

S7 0.024" SS spacers


Koford teflon motor spring insulation (4 per pack)


Koford spring insulation


S7 0.005" SS spacers


ARP 48p 2mm bore angled pinions.

Ideal mesh for inline retro racing.

ARP pinion 7t, 48p


ARP pinion 8t, 48p


JK 72p 36t spur 2mm axle


JK 72p 37t spur 2mm axle



Quality, Stainless steel,  Abec 5 grade motor ballraces,

Available in the following configurations;-

5mm x 2mm open, plain (endbell bearing)  £5.00

5mm x 2mm Closed, flanged (most cans)  £5.00

6mm x 2mm open, flanged (Mura Cans)    £4.95

2mm x 5mm, open plain


2mm x 6mm open, flanged


JK87478, Retro fronts, 1/24 scale, .750” dia x .375” wide, oilite bushed 3/2” axle £9.80

JK8713PP, Big hub, 1/24 scale,

820” 3/32” axle diameter





JK87469, Retro fronts, 1/24 scale, .750” dia x .250” wide, oilite bushed 3/32” axle £9.80



Oilite Bushings  3/32” axle x 3/16” £1.90 per pair

Oilite axle bushings 3/32" /pr


JK Std Guide Flag


JK Cut down guide


Guide Nut (LW)


JK Guide Flag  £1.95 (standard)

JK Guide Flag  £1.95(Cut Down)

9mm lightweight guide nut (aluminium) £2.10

ULTRA HARD front wheel donuts

Ultra hard sponge front wheel donuts, 21mm od. x 17mm wide x 9.5mm id.

Front wheel donuts 1pr


JK 8721SP , small hub 1/32 scale, 720” diameter 3/32” axle



JK8701PP, regular  hub, 1/24 scale,

765”  3/32” axle diameter



2mm x 5mm closed, flanged


Oilite through-bushed  Retro Fronts

JK8733P, offset Big Hub 1/32 scale 720” diameter, 3/32 axle



Offset hub 1/32 Tyres - No need to reverse the hub over the Gear!  Improved weight balance and handling !! S & K Gears

S & K Gears now in stock;-  3/32” axle in the following sizes;-

30T 72 pitch F1 gear 13mm diameter

41t 72 pitch, 16 degree angled 15.00mm diameter

42t 72 pitch, 16 degree angled 15.35mm diameter

37t 64 pitch, 16 degree angled 15.35mm diameter

40t 48 pitch, straight cut 21mm diameter (ideal for sidewinder retro)

S&K 40t 48P straight cut


AB Self adhesive Lead Ballast

Super sticky, 0.75mm thick x  18mm wide. Roll length 0.5 mtr

Price £2.30

AB Lead ballast


4/40 c/s screws x 10


controller cable 6 way


controller cable 12 way


controller cable 16 way


AB Travel Box

Total weight 3.8kg

Dimensions 335 x 458 x 170mm

Enough space for 8 x 1/24th scale cars + tech boards and wrenches etc.

18 tire pot locations for tyres and 2 x 8 compartment storage boxes for small parts.

Coverable, removable face plate can be used as a work platform.

Super compact, super light

Price 95.00 (delivery usually 7 days from order, UK delivery £12.20)

(Mouse over photo for larger image)

Customers outside the UK Please Note;-

Due to the size of th boxes it is necessary for us to quote you on shipping.

Please email us by CLICKING HERE with your country, town and postcode/zip code and we will email you the shipping price.

Mail: shipping price for Travel Box&body=Please quote your -
Country -
Town -
Post/Zip Code

If you wish to order more than 1 of a specific product, you can change the number of items at checkout and it will automatically recalculate your total.

The AB Controller Box

The AB Controller Box

Store and transport the most important bit of electronics in your slot racing career!

Avoid impact damage by using the AB Controller box.

Suitable for all controllers without a large rostrum box and Ideal for the new “Budge” Budget controller!

Aluminium faced flight box (with keys) Brand New. Internal size 315mm x 195mm , lid depth 35mm, box depth 50mm. Movable dividers. £12.95

AB Controller box


2mm x 3mm cap screws


PRO-AM 1/24th Kit.  AB G12 chassis complete with piano wire, pin tube, centre spine ferrules & complete instruction sheet. Choice of JK Hawk 7, JK Hawk Retro or Falcon 7 motor. Choice of gear ratios with 11 or 12 /37 in 64 pitch. HR60 drill blank axle, rear axle ballraces, guide, guide clips, braids, guide nut, lead wire, JK sticker front wheels, Koford Short pins, Body armour, JK Rear wheels  and BPA Lola body.  Only £63.00 (postage added at check out).Only at  Click your preferences, pay by Paypal and get it in the next post!

Pro-Am Kit


11/37 ratio


12/37 gear ratio


Hawk 7


Hawk Retro



JK Hawk 7  Motor

Ideal Small Components box

Perfect for spacers, Gears , pinions, motor parts etc. Rugged construction, 8 compartments, individual  click seal lids.  Dimensions;- 87mm x 61mm x 21mm  £2.30

small component box


Dremel Mandrel


Dremel Mandrel.  1/8” shaft.

  £1.20 each

2mm thread x 3mm Button, Socket head screws in stainless steel. Suitable for Falcon , Hawk and all FK type motor mounts. £2.80 pr 10

2mm x 3mm button head screws


AB Std Axle 3/32" x 55mm



HYPERFLEX adhesive

Hyperflex, Black, Rubber toughened Cyanoacrylate adhesive is now back in stock at £4.60. Great for bonding rubber to metal and a bunch of other applications where vibration may be an issue  + GREAT FOR HARDENING SPONGE RUBBER FRONTS!  £4.60

Hyperflex adhesive


AB Travel Box Mini

Primarily designed for 1/32 cars, the AB Travel Box Micro is the is ideal travelling case  for racers sharing transport to races.

Box includes 7 x 150mm long chassis plates with guide slots, suitable for 1/32 scale cars, (may be adjusted for height to allow a further compartment under chassis). A compartment large enough for 2 x complete 1/24th cars and Body Compartment.

Aluminium work plate / door screen. In the door, 2 rails with 14 tire tube locations, 6 locations for wrenches with centre compartment for tire glue, lubricant etc. 2 x 8 compartment tough plastic boxes for small components.


27cm x 12.5cm x 38.5cm

Weight 2.8KG

Price £70.00 + £10.80 UK delivery

(These are made to order, delivery usually 7-10 days)

AB Travel Box Mini


JK Hawk Retro


JK Hawk 7 Motor


JK Standard Motor Bracket For FK motors £4.95

JK Std. Bracket


JK Can-Am kit


Cutting disks with Mandrel.

Disks approx. 0.7mm thick

Average quantity 35


cutting disks/m


1/2 round diamond file


Half Round diamond file O/A length 140mm  £1.95

soldering sponge


Good Quality desiccated Soldering sponge. Just add water! Perfect!



In a handy 10ml bottle. Idea for gluing pinions for any class of car!

No solder, no mess!


Loctite 638


Limited Quantity only At this price!

AB Ultimate Flux, now in a new, clear, drip spout, safety cap bottle.  £3.25

Generic , replacement tire truer motor £11.95

Truer Motor


Koford 10thou Bronze Guide Spacers

Koford Guide Spacers


JK CNC’d Wheels

Ideal for scale hardbody racing!  2 width sizes on a 0.670” diameter hub, suitable for 3/32” axle, grub screw fit. £7.00 pr.

JKRA01 0.670" d x 0.790" w


Curved Body Scissors for cutting wheel arches etc. £2.75

Scissors Curved


Digital Durometer measuring Shore A hardness. Ideal for selecting tyre donuts. As use by the Pro’s. Complete with foam lined box. £34.20

Digital Durometer


Koford Big Foot 2 motor brushes.

£3.00 per pair

Koford BF2 brushes


PIANO WIRE - now available in convenient 0.3mtr lengths. Prices per  0.3m length.

0.032 wire


0.039 wire


0.047 wire


0.055 wire


0.062 wire


K&S ROUND BRASS TUBE (1ft lengths)

1/16" OD TUBE




1/8" OD


JDS THIN WALL STAINLESS STEEL TUBE 0.082” OD, 0.055” ID  0.065” OD X 0.039 ID

0.082 ss


0.065 SS





Designed for Falcon / FK motor racing. Lighter & Ultra thin profile for less friction. Available in 36t & 37T 64 pitch  for 3/32” axle

JK Falcon 37t spur


JK Falcon 36t spur




Wrench set;- 1.5, 2, 2.5 & 3mm wrenches with alloy handles

All wrenches 174mm long   £12.90

Wrench Set


1.5mm x 2mm shaft adaptors are back !

Precision 1.5mm x 2mm tube in 304 stainless steel. Nominal lengths of 50mm enable you to cut the length you require. Suitable for solder on or loctite fitting. Perfect for bushing up motor shafts from 1.5 to 2mm   £2.20 each

1.5 -  2mm adaptor


Falcon Pro 1/32 sports chassis.

Consistently a winner!


Falcon Pro sports kit


The Winning chassis at Pro-Am Round 2&3


In stainless steel  £2.50 /10

lead wire retainers 10


Quality Pinion Puller with 2mm tip


pinion puller


Download build instructions  click here AB OG12 - Pro Am Kit.pdf

3/32" ballraces (2)


3/32” Axle ballraces, flanged and shielded stainless steel.  £7.00 per pair (2 ballraces)

Solder. Sn60Pb40 2%flux core, Tin/Lead soft solder,  0.8mm dia. 100 gram roll.  Ideal for general chassis soldering and motor installation etc. £3.95


1/16" (032" ID)


3/32" (1/16" ID)


Mossetti Scale racing Wonder donuts.

Low wear rate, perfect grip. Shore A hardness approx 35

Dimensions 18mm wide x 26mm O.D. and 15mm I.D

Price £3.50 per pair

Mossetti scale Donuts


Made from brushed 1/2” Hex alloy  bar. Great for use with small taps and reamers. Specify the bore you want from 2 - 6mm (or Imp. Equivalent). Comes with 4/40 set screw. £4.05

Made to order in approx 3 working days.

Handy Handle

Handy Handles

ARP pinion 7t, 72p


ARP pinion 8t, 72p


ARP pinion 9t, 72p


ARP pinion 11t, 72p


ARP pinion 13t, 72p


ARP pinion 14t, 72p


ARP pinion 12t, 72p


ARP pinion 9t, 64p


ARP pinion 6t, 48p


Cahoza 16 degree Angled Spur Gears

Cahoza 37t 64p. 16deg.


Cahoza 42t 72p. 16deg.


JK Products

Slightly Stiffer Braid

5 Pairs £3.50

10 pairs£6.75

20 pairs£13.00

JK SS braid x 5pr


JK SS braid x 10pr


JK SS braid x 20pr


SLICK 7 10 thou thick self adhesive lexan body armour approx.

12” x 0.5” length.  £1.00 per length.

Body Armour


Brass Guide clips. 5 pairs  £4.50. 1 pair £1.00

Brass guide clips 5 pr


Brass guide clips 1 pr


CAMEN light ,5 coil motor springs £4.80 /Pair

Camen Light 5 coil springs


Chassis Scrub 220grm



AB wheel wrench


Teflon Guide spacers 0.005"


Teflon Guide spacers 0.015"



JK87468, Retro fronts, 1/24 scale, .750” dia x .225” wide, oilite bushed 3/32” axle £9.80

JK8733SP, Treated offset Small Hub 1/32 scale, 720” dia, 3/32 axle



Make donut fitting easy with the Donut Wizard. Suitable for all 3/32 bore hubs, the wizard comes with 5 hub cones to suit most wheel sizes 8mm - 15mm . Avoid getting glue inside the back and front of your hubs and make donut fitting a snip! Strong Nylon & Delrin construction with hard steel 3/32” axle.  £10.95

Donut Wizard


1/24th Scale RETRO Locknut  3/32” Front axles for both

Saloon & Can-Am , Tottenham, Retro sports & Formula one .

Precision made Chrome steel and threaded M2.5 complete with locknuts. NO MORE soldering on wheel retainers and also super quick change front wheels.

Precision made in the UK

Available in 79mm and 82 mm versions at just £5.70 each complete with locknuts!

Also 5mm socket wrench for axle nuts £2.95

Beardog Chassis

AB Interior sheet


AB Locknut Axle 79mm


AB Locknut Axle 82mm


5mm socket wrench


Saloon & Can-Am axle F1 , Tottenham & Retro Sports



1/32 & 1/24 Scale Interior sheets Roll over photo for larger image

1/32 & 1/24th scale

Saloon interior sheets, printed on ultra thin “oil proof” Drafting film. No more ripped interiors!  Easy to clean and super light.  £3.50 per sheet

Koford flux brush


Koford Flux Brush £0.90 Koford 48pitch Retro Crown Gears

Koford 27t crown gear


Koford 28t crown gear


Koford Magnet Glue


220 volt - 60 watt Soldering iron with ceramic heater element.  Compact size, Euro plug fitted.  £10.95

60 watt soldering iron


3.2mm tip


Please Note;- Due to major currency fluctuations it has been necessary to adjust prices on some newly imported items. We are sorry but this is totally out our control!


add bore size required

Submit Bronze “Adjusta” Bushings

Machined bronze Bushings for 3/32” axle with reduced outside diameter, allowing adjustment of ride height without grinding pillar blocks / axle supports.  £2.95 per pair

3/32" bore adjusta bushings /pr


Digital tachometer kit


Use to compare motor revs at given voltages.

Ideal for selecting sealed motors and ultimate car set-up.

Thin Wall 304 Stainless Steel Pin Tube, 0.050” OD, 0.034” ID, perfect for Koford short pins. Nominal lengths of 3 1/2”.

£1.50 per length or packs of 10 for £12.50

SS Pin tube x 1


SS Pin tube x 10


Beardog 1 kit


Koala Paws Donuts are treated in the UK using a new 7 step process giving a tyre with vastly improved wear life and Great grip.  

Available in a choice of 2 hardnesses, Original Koala Paws (17-18 Shore A) for use on high gripped “rubbered in” spray glue and Koala Paws Midi for tracks with less grip or less consistent  grip. 2 diameters are available;-

Small for up to 0.765 diameter finished tyres and Large for up to 0.820” diameter finished tyres

KP 9mm bore x 20.5mm OD


KP 9mm x 20.5mm 10 pairs


KP 9mm bore x 23mm OD


KP 9mm x 23mm 10 pairs


KP MIDI 9mm bore x 20.5mm OD


KP MIDI 9mm x 20.5mm 10 pairs


KP MIDI 9mm bore x 23mm OD


KP MIDI 9mm x 23mm 10 pairs


Koala Paws Donuts 17-18 Shore A Nominal Koala Paws Midi Donuts 13-14 Shore A Nominal The Ultimate donut for Grip and great, low wear, suitable For FK - Eurosport racing! Use with  KOALA CLAWS TIRE TRACTION Use with  KOALA CLAWS TIRE TRACTION Tips for the above soldering iron

JK8711PP, Big  hub, 1/24 scale,

765”  3/32” axle diameter



Koford 500 mags M604


Koford .500” long, Matched magnets, 0.150” thick. New Stronger orientation.

Suitable for UKRRA Tottenham and Retro Sports Motors. £15.05

Diamond grinding bits set


Diamond grinding bits, Set of 5. Nominal sizes from 3 - 8mm diameter. Ideal for grinding motor cans/magnets for axle clearance.

Pentel Detail Pens


Positively the best black detail pen available today.

Permanent black ink, with a 0.6mm nib.

Pentel detail pen


JK Retro Front Plate. Ideal for narrowing and building UKRRA saloons.  £14.50

JK Front Plate


The All New JKC43 4” Cheetah Aeolos Chassis Now available as a Ready To RUN to YOUR specification NOW IN STOCK AND SHIPPING!! JK RECESSED TECH BLOCKS WITH MAGNETS

Available in blue only £11.05

S&K 42t 72P angled 16 deg


JK pinion 10t, 64p


Drive Belt for

S & K Tire truer


s&k drive belt


TSR Guide flags, ideal for 1/32 scale slot car building projects with scratch built or laser chassis. The guide pivot is 1/8” diameter and can be installed in a 1/8”id tube to adjust guide height.


TSR guide flag


TSR Guide Flags are BACK! Falcon / Hawk Wrench

falcon/Hawk wrench


Pro Hex wrench suitable for 2mm hex screws used to mount Falcon, Hawk and other FK motors cans.


1/24TH SCALE Polymer hubs

Small hub  0.400” diameter

Big hub 0.470 diameter

£3.75 per pair





Download instructions for the digital tacho here as a pdf tacho rev checker.pdf

Its Back!!

AB Slot Tape

Cross weave filament tape, the perfect answer to reinforcing pin holes!

£3.10 per roll

AB Slot Tape



TO CLEAR ! Brand New

Sold in pairs;-

1) 38cm x 26cm x 120cm

2) 33cm x 21cm x 9 cm

Ideal for controllers, power supplies, tools etc.

Only 3 pairs available.

Price for the pair including mainland UK shipping £26.00

Flight Box Deal


Available to UK clients only

JK GTB Guide Tongue Brace

Legal for UKRRA on all “coined” brass chassis  £2.55   (not legal for BSCRA !)



Motor Brush TURTLE. Use in conjuction with your favourite brush radius tool to accurately profile motor brushes for vertical or horizontal hoods £19.95

Turtle brush tool


Tire tubes;-  Std size for up to 0.760 tires, Large size for up to 0.840” tires Suites 1/24 scale tires. £3.50 pack of 5

tire tubes std / 5


tire tubes Large / 5


Great for scale racing!

New From JK!

The JK Mini Brute Motor

(Approx 40K revs)


JK Mini Brute




For balancing wheels and gears. Reduce vibration and bearing wear, improve performance.

Will balance wheels up to 35mm diameter, complete with 3/32 ground axle  £39.95

static balancer


Proslot “Infinity”  Retro sports/ Tottenham armatures,  38/27 & 26/26  £37.15  Limited Quantity Only!

Proslot h/w Infinity 38/27 arm


PROSLOT G12 Factory Blueprinted

Motors.  45 degree timing, mega 3 magnets, oilite bushings. £61.50.

Also available with Can ballrace or endbell and Can ballrace fitted shunted brushes (see prices below).


Proslot BP Motor


Can ballrace & shunts


2 ballraces & shunts


AB Travel Box


JKRA02 0.670" d x 0.560" w



Possibly the best power supplies available for Slot Racers!

Available in 0-16V 10A and 0-16V 20A versions.

Features include;- Rugged Aluminium case,  compact design, advanced MCU electronics, adjustable volts and amps, adjustable in 0.01, 0.1 or 1 unit steps. Dual digital readouts for Volts and Amps. Output short circuit protection. Complete with power and low voltage cables.

Ultra light weight!  10 amp = 0.85KG

20 amp = 1.2KG

10 amp power supply £95.00

20 amp power supply £125.00

Why pay more!!!

See full specification. and instructions CLICK HERE

power supply instructions.1.pdf Light Weight, Compact, Rugged Construction, Best Value, Ultra Reliable, No Quibble 1 Year Guarantee. Great Price!

AB Power 10 amp power  supply


JK Adhesive Fronts

Precut, full colour vinyl, self adhesive front wheels 5/8” diameter, Goodyear logo, 3 pairs  £2.95

JK fronts


+  you can have a carry case to go with your power supply For just an extra £9.00  ! (This applies to UK orders only, Overseas orders are possible but  we will send you an additional Paypal request for £6.00 additional shipping)

power supply case


VOODOO  - Braid & Comm conditioner

Now also available in 20mm bottles with captive silicon rubber spout closure. A super convenient size for your slot box and you wont lose the closure!  £3.95

Voodoo 15ml


Replacement controller cable For Electronic controllers

Ideal for replacing broken cables on a range of electronic controllers. Available in 3 sizes to suit various controllers.. Please note;- this cable is suitable for use in electronic controllers where the transistors etc. are located in a separate “rostrum box”. It is not suitable for full load applications from the rostrum box to track socket /plug.

6 way (4.5mm diameter)    £1.50 Mtr, 12 way (6.3mm diameter) £2.90 Mtr

16 way (7.7mm diameter) £3.80 Mtr, All cables are unscreened.

(Sold in minimum 2mtr lengths) 7 / 0.2mm (0.22mm²)  per wire,

rated @ 1amp/440v, PVC Insulation

JK Controller Handle.  Improved moulding in genuine Lexan. Comfortable and very robust.  

Idea replacement for controllers with Red Fox Handles

JK Controller Handle


Diamond coated Cutting wheel set. Nominal sizes from 15mm - 40mm diameter. Set of 10 wheels mounted on Arbors.  £9.40

Diamond wheel set



6inch 150mm Electronic Digital Caliper Ruler Carbon Fibre Composite  £9.50

digital calipers


JKC43 4” Cheetah Aeolos


JKC43 4” Cheetah Aeolos Chassis

Single Pan Chassis with J-bars 0.039” Front, 0.047” Rear

and Separate rear motor bracket   £27.95

The J-bar Accessory Pack is in stock now. Part number is JKC26J. A pack of 6 bars:

0.031" = 0.8mm, 0.035" = 0.9mm (stock front), 0.039" = 1.0mm, 0.043" = 1.1mm 0.047" = 1.2mm (stock rear), 0.051" = 1.3mm.  £4.95

Jk Aeolos Chassis J bar Tweeker pack


JK Body Mounting clips for the new Aeolos chassis £0.95p per pair

Jk Body clips


Click here for Set up Tips! JKASETUP.pdf You won’t believe the handling Until you own one! See the testing and breaking last years  G12 B.O.C. Lap time video click here

Get Your ready to run with a couple of easy clicks;-

The chassis comes built with Soldered brass pin tubes, Refaced, aligned oilite bushings, HR60 drill blank axle, guide, guide nut, guide clips, braids and Lead wires installed for just £35.30

Then add you choice of motor;- Falcon 7, JK Hawk 7, JK Hawk Retro or for G12, our 46 degree proslot motor complete with brush shunts and can ballrace.

Pick your gear ratio and it’s job done! (64 pitch gears have JK “thin” spurs for FK Racing, 72 pitch have angled spurs.

rtr chassis


10/37 64p


11/37 64 p


12/37 64p


11/42 72 p


12/42 72p


13/42 72 p


JK Hawk 7


Falcon 7


Jk Hawk Retro


PS G12, Shunts, ballraced can


Choose the Chassis Choose your preferred gear ratio (72p gears have angled spur) Choose your motor

Proslot h/w Infinity 26/26 arm


Back In Stock!

Guide Plate Tweeker Pro


JK tech block Blue